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What started off as a hobby has now become a full time part of what we do. 


Great quality video is an amazing way of documenting your event.

We have a team who do this full time. They are amazingly flexible, and we're very proud to have them!


We film at lot of private events, such as Weddings, but also enjoy doing things like

- Venue / Product Reels

- Music Videos

- Club Nights, Gigs & Festivals


For obvious reasons, we only have films made about Itchy Feet on this site, but we can send you some showreels of private event fllms if you'd like us to. 


See below for a demo of what we can do:  


This is very simple. Please can you email us with the following details :


- Date

- Location

- Video Requirements


You can either email of use the form below

Your details were sent successfully!

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