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We provide DJs and Bands for events

Started in 2015, Itchy Feet Homecoming is off-shoot of the Itchy Feet Events brand. We specialize in providing high-quality music at private events, particularly Weddings. It all started because people were writing to us detailing their general ambivalence towards the "Wedding music" situation. i.e Cheesy renditions of the same songs, with very little variety, or creativity in song choice. 

We responded by creating our own band 8 piece band. Our House band is our version of the 'best function band' in the UK. We play a mix of funk, soul and disco, in a high-octane, non-stop set.  That went pretty well, so we then started adding DJs to the roster, and then finally - a smaller 4 piece band too. Today we play all over Europe, throughout most of the year. 

If you would like to get in touch, please just email us to find out if we cna work together. 
if you would like to find out more about the bands, there are videos below. 

See you round, maybe. 


The Itchy Feet House Band is an 8 piece band of pro-musicians, formed and curated by the founder and main DJ at Itchy Feet - Leo. 


After trying and failing to find the ultimate band for private events, Weddings and functions, it seemed the only option was to build our own band!


The repertoire is constantly evolving, but we tend to perform 2 distinct sets per night. The first being more angled towards old music such as funk and soul, and the second is a more dancy disco set. 


Here are 3 more demo tracks for your keen ears (and a whole load more videos listed at the bottom of this page)

I'll Be There:

Get Down On It:

Don't Need No Doctor:


The Barefoot Band have been put together for those of you that are after a Four Piece Band rather than the full 8 Piece Selection.

We built this band with our friends - the line up being keys & vocalist, guitar & vocalist, drums and bass guitar. This guys gig frequently in London as well as a whole host of private parties. 

The repertoire is HUGE. These guys are a lot more flexible in the style of music (due to them being a four piece - a lot of stuff works!) and we're always happy to listen to your suggestions / discuss options that they might be able to perform for you. 



There is no denying the fact that we get asked to do a lot of Weddings, but that is fine by us! 

People tend to sigh at the thought of Wedding bands, and Wedding music in general, but the music at your Wedding doesn't need to suck! 

People started approaching us because they had been to the Itchy Feet Club Shows and had loved the way we had re-defined what clubbing was like as a student. So, they were asking us if we could bring a little bit of something similar to their Wedding. 

And we thought "Why not?! Just because it's a Wedding, it doesn't mean we're all doomed to listen to Come on Eileen and the Pretenders all night".

So that's what we started doing, and in the name of doing a good job, we first built our 8 piece House Band, which we think is the most perfect band for Weddings, imaginable!  

In our first year, we got asked to nearly 200 Weddings all over Europe. From tiny barns, to massive tents, and had an amazing Summer. Now, we plan to keep on going down this path. 

What we do: 

Usually for Weddings the clients want great music, but also low stress, so we generally do a full end-to-end package thing. 

Whereby if you can provide a space, and some electricity, we can do the rest.

We have our 8 piece band, we have a roster of DJs, we have a range of sound & light kit, and we also know have a smaller 4 piece band. 

Send us an email to enquire - Catch us on


This is very simple. Please can you email us with the following details :


- Date

- Location

- Equipment Requiremnets (i.e do you want us to bring our sound system)


You can either email of use the form below


Itchy Feet House Band Auditions: 

A Short Film about how we find new musicians for the band

Itchy Feet House Band perform at Itchy Feet in Bristol... This is a short clip we took at the O2 Academy in the Summer of 2016. 

The band are playing "Do your Thing" to 1000 people. 

Itchy Feet House Band perform at The Hopyard Brewery. 

Our friends at the Hopyard Brewery had us down to celebrate their first birthday party. Deej was on site with a camera, so we made this short film. The audio is a basic recording of our version of "Bills", by Lunchmoney Lewis. 

This is a ROUGH soundcheck!  Be aware, the sound is rubbish!

We filmed this when Jamming a new version of Ho Hey for a show at the Dover Street Arts Club. It's pretty rough, but quite cool. 

The password is : soundcheck

Another video from Soundcheck. This is the band practicing "The Pina Colada Song (Escape) for a show on Osea Island. The sound quality on this is really bad we're afraid - but it helps to show their version of a great song!

The password is : soundcheck

This video was also shot during sound check on Osea Island. The Song is "Higher & Higher" by Jackie Wilson. Again, the sound is really really bad, we know!

The password is : soundcheck

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