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- Sound systems & lighting 


- Venue finding service


- Party planning & set up consultancy



Itchy Feet is a collection of DJs and Bands who tour the UK, performing in nightclubs.


As we have become more popular from our extensive touring of the UK, we have been asked more and more to provide the entertainment at private events, and in particular, Weddings. What we’ve learned, is that more than anything people just want a simple solution for the entertainment at their event. This is what we aim to provide.


The goal of our Homecoming Events is to provide amazing entertainment within the world of private events, specifically Weddings and late night Birthday Parties. If you have some space, and a group of people, we will get them dancing. Like, really dancing.


We have a roster of DJs and Bands who we will match to your needs.

We also then have a massive selection of audio and visual equipment too. 


On the day of the event, we will arrive and turn a completely empty room or marquee into a rocking nightclub in the space of an afternoon. The DJs and Bands will then keep the dance floor full until the end of the night, at which point, we will take it all down and get out of your hair. 


What makes us special is the quality. We bring an amazing sound system, which his both high quality, but loud and also comparatively nice to look at. Our DJs all usually perform at our Itchy Feet Events, and are therefore the coolest, smoothest, and best DJs you’re ever likely to hear. Our band is energetic, and just the right amount of well behaved (but still cause mayhem on the dance floor) Our road crew are well dressed, charming, discreet and efficient. Even our vehicles are smart and well kept. 



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